Completion of East End Stage 1 – QT Hotel

Completion of East End Stage 1 – QT Hotel

We were proud to be issued the Occupation Certificate for the QT Hotel on 13 May 2022, marking the completion of our East End Stage 1 project in Newcastle.

Commencing in October 2018, with the residential portion (separable portion 1), we officially completed the East End project in March 2021.

The QT Hotel official opening party was held on 8 June 2022 and the new Hotel and Sports Bar began trading to the public on 9 June 2022.

Housed within the heritage-listed 113-year-old former Scotts Limited and David Jones building on Hunter Street Mall, the new hotel comprises:

  • 104 hotel rooms
  • Ground floor bar and restaurants, commercial kitchens and amenities
  • Back of house office, kitchens and amenities
  • Rooftop bar and restaurant
  • Separate sports bar & lounge

The positive response from the community, hotel guests and patrons emphasises the extremely hard work and effort from all the RCC team to undertake this complicated project.

Some of the unique challenges, excluding COVID and wet weather, that we overcame to deliver the project include:

  • Retaining and refurbishing the exisiting heritage structure
  • Retaining, refurbishing and reuse of the existing heritage timber structure, including floor jacking to create additional levels
  • Access and egress to the project on a city corner block that maintained the heritage façade
  • Achieving the QT uniqueness that “No two rooms are the same”.

Congratulations and thank you to the support from the safety team during the build and all staff that contributed to the success of the project.


Building a legacy with Educational Infrastructure

Building a legacy with Educational Infrastructure

Having delivered over 400 education buildings across the public, private and tertiary sectors, we thrive on seeing the impact educational infrastructure has on students and communities. What drives us is the ability to deliver something new on every job and witness how it enhances the learning environment. Our partnerships with architects, designers and engineers are fundamental, as we work together to make our clients’ vision a reality.

Understanding for the future

As new technologies and pedagogies emerge, the physical form of schools support this evolution. We approach each unique building with the mindset to ‘create a better environment for teachers and students’, as well as increase the efficiency of investments in educational infrastructure. To do this, we look at education precincts through a lens that extends beyond the realms of brick and mortar.

Collaborating with teachers and students allows us to understand them and take this awareness into our planning. We can engage school-aged children to the process of construction, which will have a real impact on the diversity in our industry in 10 years’ time.

Our Senior Project Engineer, Isabella Spinolo, has been delivering the Student Engagement Program during the Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College Scientia project. This involves developing learning modules and taking students on site walks to show the inner workings of a construction project, as well as highlighting the myriad of career opportunities women can pursue in the industry.

A shared vision with our partners

Innovative construction only becomes a reality when a collaborative team comes together and works hard to do something new. This is often fostered in the tertiary space, where universities invest heavily in planning and design to deliver student-centric, blended learning environments that attract the best professors and students from across the world.

The development of 6 Hassall Street (6HSL) is a prime example of these components in action. Coupled with dynamic university showcase spaces, user experience labs and technology-rich installations, the aim of 6HSL was to stimulate the best ideas in the brightest minds.

One aspect we love, is the building’s engineering being on display, providing an inspirational teaching tool to enhance student experiences. As a result, students can have an immersive, hands-on experience with real-life engineering that helped create the building they are learning in.

Space is the greatest asset

With the changing population densities and land values increasing across the state, now more than ever, we are focused on leveraging spatial elements to create the best possible learning experience. Accommodating students within a small CBD precinct whilst retaining access to outdoor play spaces is key.

Due to the heavy residential concentration surrounding Alexandria Park Community School, leveraging the spatial elements was critical when delivering the school. We developed multiple school buildings and a sports hall with rooftop COLAs. We identified additional places for break out teaching spaces, storage and increased play space. Our team also understood the requisite compliance and consultation processes that facilitated a smooth transition from design into construction in this environment.

Leaving a lasting legacy

From the iconic UTS Central building, the Modular Schools Program – the first modular school projects in NSW – and Armidale Secondary College, we know that educational infrastructure has a huge impact on the communities where they reside.

Working with the industry’s best architects, consultants and engineers, we value bringing good design to life.

Our job is to carry these designs through by building durable, resilient and adaptable precincts that will last for generations.

Celebrating Michael Ensor

Celebrating Michael Ensor on his retirement

After 45 years in the industry, Our General Manager – ACT, Michael Ensor, has departed from RCC.

At the helm of the ACT Business Unit for the past 10 years, we have enormous gratitude for Michael’s exceptional contribution to creating a long-lasting legacy in the region.

An ACT veteran, Michael has helped build RCC’s strong reputation for delivery certainty and has set the business unit up for success going forward.

Scott Waller, who is well known to the ACT construction industry, will be stepping into the acting General Manager role for the region. Scott and the 70 local team members will continue to deliver community focused projects for the ACT and surrounding regions.

We want to express our sincere thanks to Michael for everything he’s brought to RCC and wish him all the best as he embarks on his next chapter.

Here are a few examples of Michael’s contribution to our communities and the construction industry through his delivery of these outstanding projects:

ANU SA6 Student Accommodation

Tumut Hospital

Canberra District Rugby League Centre of Excellence