Chris on site at WHR

Life Changing Apprenticeship

Delivering Positive Impacts Beyond The Built Environment

Chris Maris is an electrical apprentice on the NSW Government’s Wyong Hospital Redevelopment, who has recently completed his apprenticeship.

Now able to become a licenced electrician, Chris says he not only loves his job, but that his apprenticeship changed his life.

“I can’t believe where I am now compared to where my life was five years ago.

I would tell other people in similar circumstances to take any opportunity that comes their way with two hands and don’t let go. I turned up every day and I changed my life.”

For RCC, project success is as much about the impacts we can have on local industry, as it is about the delivery of a community facility for the Central Coast. Our partnerships with industry and community organisations allows us to create local supplier, training and employment opportunities, and ultimately generate social and economic outcomes which extend far beyond building completion.

As a Central Coast local, Chris was excited to finish his apprenticeship on the Wyong Hospital Redevelopment project,

“It was a dream to get a job so close to home, especially at Wyong Hospital where my Aunty used to work as a nurse.

It gave me the chance to give something back to the local community by helping to build the hospital”

We want to acknowledge our RCC team, who work hard to create a positive impact and a legacy for the community, like Dane, our Senior Site Manager, who supported Chris to realise his goals.

“I am so grateful to Dane who has provided opportunities to so many people in our local Aboriginal community. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him”

For Chris, the opportunity to upskill and progress his trade is the collaborative result of The Glen Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, Aboriginal Employment Strategy and his employers Stowe and Nilsen.

RCC’s commitment to making a positive contribution to the communities we live and work in, aligns with the NSW Government’s focus on increasing training and employment opportunities for those who have traditionally been underrepresented in the construction industry.


More About The Wyong Hospital Redevelopment

The Wyong Hospital project involves the delivery of a new Clinical Services Building, which will provide the local Central Coast community with a new Emergency Department, additional operating theatres, and ICU/HDU capacity, mental health expansion, additional inpatient beds for medical and acute services, clinical and non-clinical support services and parking.

Take this virtual fly-through tour of the future Wyong Hospital Redevelopment facilities: