International Women’s Day 2023

Cracking the Code & Embrace Equity

Today we are celebrating the amazing women of RCC across our sites and offices. While the pursuit of gender equity is bigger than one day, IWD reminds us to amplify conversations that will drive progress, but also to reflect on our achievements.

True gender equity needs to be wholistic, which is why our focus is split across a business and industry approach. Internally, we have launched a culture program that underpins our formal DE&I approach, working with every RCC employee to build consistent, caring and inclusive behaviours. Externally we are partnering with industry peers and institutions to start building more opportunities for women at school age. Without change at this level, the industry won’t be able to move past 12% female participation. We look forward to an industry that has both equity and equality for everyone. Right now, we’re looking back to when RCC began the journey of increasing female participation and celebrating the success of women. We won’t stop here.







Welcoming Richard Brown to the RCC Family

This week we welcome Richard Brown to the RCC family, as ACT General Manager.

He has rockstar project and executive management experience and we are excited that Richard’s construction legacy will continue with the ACT business. Richard will be leading the long-tenure team, known for its commitment to delivering projects that enhance the local ACT community.

“Richard Crookes’ reputation in our industry is second to none. To be part of the heritage which has made RCC what it is today is extremely humbling” says Richard

Looking for a new challenge after delivering major commercial and aviation projects in the UK, Richard moved to Australia in 2008 with his wife and two children and never looked back. Throughout the 2010’s, Richard often worked in Canberra and formed lasting relationships and an affinity for the city, the people, and the culture. Richard is extremely proud to be appointed as GM for the ACT business and to be living and delivering projects in Australia’s capital city.

“Although the ACT business unit is already a high performing team, I hope to apply the lessons learnt over a long and varied career and secure Richard Crookes as the contractor of choice for our clients in the ACT”

An engineer, now General Manager, Richard has managed large multidisciplinary teams, from both the construction and client management perspectives. During his career, Richard has been involved in many high profile projects; Terminal 5 Heathrow, The New British Library, The Royal Opera House Covent Garden and the Sydney Opera House. His experience spans the public and private sectors in commercial, correctional, health, aviation, defence, mission critical, tertiary education, rail and civil. In more recent years, Richard has had a number of senior executive roles focused on operations and developing new business, people, and culture.

Jamie Crookes and the ACT Team would like to thank Scott Waller’s huge contribution acting as the General Manager for the past 6 months. His positive attitude and love for construction will continue to be central to the ACT team culture.

Please join us in congratulating Richard on his new position, or chortle together over the Southampton Football Club’s current performance.