International Women’s Day 2023

Cracking the Code & Embrace Equity

Today we are celebrating the amazing women of RCC across our sites and offices. While the pursuit of gender equity is bigger than one day, IWD reminds us to amplify conversations that will drive progress, but also to reflect on our achievements.

True gender equity needs to be wholistic, which is why our focus is split across a business and industry approach. Internally, we have launched a culture program that underpins our formal DE&I approach, working with every RCC employee to build consistent, caring and inclusive behaviours. Externally we are partnering with industry peers and institutions to start building more opportunities for women at school age. Without change at this level, the industry won’t be able to move past 12% female participation. We look forward to an industry that has both equity and equality for everyone. Right now, we’re looking back to when RCC began the journey of increasing female participation and celebrating the success of women. We won’t stop here.