Our commitment on International Day of Education, and beyond

We’re shifting the dial for the next generation.

Today, we pause to reflect on the 418 projects our team has delivered across the private, public and tertiary sectors since 1976. 

This future-focused education infrastructure has helped nurture and shape bright young minds across Australia – some of whom have gone on to pursue rewarding careers in STEM.  

We’re committed to building a better industry, however we know that meaningful change is incremental. Through the continued delivery of critical social infrastructure and our Cadet Program, we’re shifting the dial to create a safe and inclusive environment for the next generation. 

RCC’s Cadet Program  

Students can experience everything construction has to offer in a 2-year structured program. Generally, students will join us in their 2nd or 3rd year, gaining valuable industry experience that complements University commitments and accelerates their careers.  

Discover some of RCC’s completed Education projects  

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