St Catherine’s School Sydney



St Catherine’s School, Stage 1, involves the demolition of existing structures within the proposed building footprint including an existing outdoor pool, adjoining temporary learning facilities and a small section of the junior school playground.
Construction of a new multi-storey building containing a basement level car park, an aquatic centre, performing arts auditorium, multipurpose hall and all associated spaces will then be completed. Plus alterations and additions will be made to existing buildings adjoining the Stage 1 building footprint in order to accommodate the new building including new links to the adjoining Dame Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (DJSC) and a new covered pedestrian link at grade (Level 4), the adjacent Jo Karaolis Sports Centre (JKSC)

Client: St Catherine’s School Waverley
Architect: Mayoh Architects
Delivery Form: Design & Construction
Location: Waverley, NSW
Value: $48m
Completion Date: 2022