Virtual design and construction on UTS Central

RCC is embracing the use of Virtual Reality (VR) on the UTS Central project by integrating traditional design methodology with ‘new-age’ digital design process. With global markets recognising the need for BIM implementation, this approach is changing the way RCC manage stakeholder engagement on our projects. The UTS Central project has given our team the opportunity to utilise virtual models in a VR space (UTS Data Arena) to display enhanced virtualisation of the design. This has improved the stakeholder’s knowledge of what the finished, fitted-out space will look like once completed.

The UTS Data Arena is an impressive space; the 360-degree interactive data visualisation facility allows viewers to stand in the middle of the cylindrical room surrounded by four metre high x ten metre diameter screens to create an immersive experience. Personnel from UTS and RCC have utilised the space to improve buildability and program efficiency.

The RCC approach to Virtual Design and Construction revolves around setting up the fundamental BIM principles upfront in order to leverage data for utilisation in all other facets of the digital environment, including the asset and facilities management space.

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