Loreto Kirribilli Innovation Centre


Client: Loreto Kirribilli Limited
Architect: FJMT
Delivery Form: Construct Only
Location: Kirribilli, NSW
Value: $25m
Completion date: December 2021

The Loreto Kirribilli Innovation Centre (LKIC) building dominates 500m2 of the school grounds with dynamic and versatile learning spaces. The new seven-storey state of the art structure forms a major part of the schools 50-year Master plan to systematically upgrade the school campus, continuing to provide the best educational facility possible for students and staff.  It will include a four-level basement, a roof terrace, alterations and connections to, and expand the use of, the Marian Centre, Centenary Hall and Gymnasium.

Jordan Springs Public School

JS_Hero_02 LR

Client: School Infrastructure NSW
Architect: Group GSA
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Jordan Springs, NSW
Value: $46m
Operational From: July 2020

The construction of Jordan Springs Public School is a component of the School Infrastructure NSW Pilot Program to deliver permanent schools across NSW in response to projected growth in student population.

The Jordan Springs Public School consists of:

  • 64 Prefabricated Modules
  • 27 flexible learning spaces, including specialist learning spaces for up to 600 students;
  • Library with Timber Amphitheatre Seating and Hall Space;
  • Administrative and staff facilities;
  • Covered outdoor learning areas (COLAs);
  • Canteen and External Works;
  • Landscaping and Site Infrastructure

St Bede’s Catholic College Stage 2

St Bede's render resized

Client: Catholic Schools Office – Maitland & Newcastle
Architect: Schreiber Hamilton Architecture
Delivery Form: Construct Only
Location: Chisholm, NSW
Value: $17m
Completion date: April 2021

​The project involves the construction of Stage 2 of the St Bede’s Catholic College masterplan which includes the following: 

  • ​Block B which will include the provision of science labs, science preparation and learning areas, apparatus and zoology stores, cluster, presentation and collaboration zones, hospitality areas (preparation, domestic and commercial), stores, art GLA as well as a canteen;
  • Peregrine Trail connecting Block B to the already ​completed and occupied Block C;
  • Demolition and modifications to existing Block C;
  • Surrounding hard and soft landscaping;
  • Extending services and infrastructure;
  • External carpark and civil works.

St Catherine’s School, Waverley


Client: St Catherine’s School Waverley
Architect: Mayoh Architects
Delivery Form: Design & Construction
Location: Waverley, NSW
Value: $45.8m
Completion date: July 2021

St Catherine’s School, Stage 1, involves the demolition of existing structures within the proposed building footprint including an existing outdoor pool, adjoining temporary learning facilities and a small section of the junior school playground.
Construction of a new multi-storey building containing a basement level car park, an aquatic centre, performing arts auditorium, multipurpose hall and all associated spaces will then be completed. Plus alterations and additions will be made to existing buildings adjoining the Stage 1 building footprint in order to accommodate the new building including new links to the adjoining Dame Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (DJSC) and a new covered pedestrian link at grade (Level 4), the adjacent Jo Karaolis Sports Centre (JKSC)

Jillian Broadbent Building, University of Wollongong


Client: University of Wollongong
Architect: Hassell
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Value: $68m
Completion date: February 2020

Design & construction of a 10,707m2 University Teaching Space for the University of Wollongong. The project will accommodate the diverse functions of The Arts English & Media (TAEM) school & the Health & Society (HAS) school & School of Geography & Sustainable Communities (SGSC) into a collaborative & engaging hub that will support the ambitions of the next generation of research & learning to create Social Sciences (SOC) & Law, Humanities & Arts (LHA)

The new Arts & Social Sciences building will consist of:

  • 4 storey building across 2 wings;
  • 2 theatre spaces, rehearsal room, music studios & video production rooms;
  • Administration & staff office areas;
  • Collaborative learning spaces & outdoor learning spaces;
  • Ergonomics & WHS labs & digital & simulation labs; and
  • 13 bicycle spaces, 64 bicycle lockers & 4 end-of-trip facilities.

Iglu 2 Redfern


Client: Iglu Student Accommodation
Architect:  Bates Smart
Delivery Form: Design and Construction
Location: Redfern, NSW
Value: $40m
Completion date: February 2021

Design and construction of an 18 storey, 265 student accommodation in Redfern, with external recreation areas for the building residents. The tower façade is defined by expressed concrete slabs and brick piers which express the break-up of the bedrooms and studios. Commercial and retail tenancies with bike storage to be located on ground floor fronting Marian and Regent Street.

University of Sydney – Carslaw Refurbishment

1 Labs 1

Client: University of Sydney
Architect:  Warren and Mahoney
Delivery Form: Design and Construction
Location: Camperdown, NSW
Value: $14m
Completion date: July 2019

The Carslaw Refurbishment is located within an existing building at the University of Sydney, consisting of:

  • Refurbishment of 2 Labs on Level 4;
  • Update to level 3 Learning and Seminar Spaces including 7 General Teaching Spaces, 1 Lab Prep space and 1 Office area;
  • Refurbishment of 1 Lab on Level 3 and 1 Lab Prep/ Museum Storage space;
  • Further works to the LEES building and the Carslaw Façade rectification along Barff Road;
  • Additional fitout to Level 1.

Alex Avenue Primary School

Alex Ave - GSA

Client: School Infrastructure
Architect: Group GSA
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Schofields, NSW
Value: $78m
Completion date: September 2020

The construction of Alex Avenue Primary School is a component of School Infrastructure NSW Pilot Program to deliver permanent schools across NSW in response to projected growth in student population.

Alex Avenue Primary School will consist of:

  • 30 flexible learning spaces, including specialist learning spaces for up to 500 students;
  • A new Hall and Library;
  • Administrative and staff facilities;
  • A covered outdoor learning area (COLA);
  • Canteen and External Works;
  • Landscaping and Site Infrastructure

The school will be designed to allow future expansion to accommodate up to 1000 students.

Alexandria Park Community School


Client: NSW Department of Education
Architect: Tanner Kibble Denton (TKD)
Delivery Form: Design and Construct
Location: Alexandria, NSW
Value: $101.3
Completion date: December 2021

The redevelopment of Alexandria Park Community School will involve the demolition of the existing school and construction of a new school suitable for 1,000 primary and 1,200 secondary students.

The new construction will include:

  • Multiple school buildings up to 5 storeys, including classroom home bases, collaborative and specialists learning spaces/hubs and learning support spaces, offices for teachers and administration staff, a sports hall, library, and student canteen.
  • Construction of 2 outdoor sports courts and an all-weather, all-purpose synthetic sports field.
  • Construction of informal play spaces and a Covered Outdoor Learning Space (COLA).
  • Site landscaping including green links, community garden, open space areas and rooftop play spaces.
  • On-site car parking and associated vehicular access point off Belmont Street.
  • Ancillary infrastructure and utilities.

University of Newcastle BioResearch Building


Client: University of Newcastle
Architect: Denton Corker Marshall
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Callaghan, NSW
Value: $30m
Completion date: October 2020

The University of Newcastle Bio Resources Building is located on the university’s Callaghan campus and will consist of a 2-storey, 3,500 square metre holding and procedure facility. Specifically, the project will involve:

  • Fixed and loose laboratory and office equipment to allow the space to respond to the changing needs and future technologies
  • Different zones to cater for low, intermediate and high-barrier procedures
  • The ability to expand and contract zones depending on research needs
  • PC2 holding and procedure facilities
  • Administration space and meeting room
  • Capacity for up to 16 sample freezers
  • Space to accommodate up to 4,400 cages for mice and rats
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Secure loading dock and supply storage