Alexandria Park Community School


Client: NSW Department of Education
Architect: Tanner Kibble Denton (TKD)
Delivery Form: Design and Construct
Location: Alexandria, NSW
Value: $101.3
Completion date: December 2021

The redevelopment of Alexandria Park Community School will involve the demolition of the existing school and construction of a new school suitable for 1,000 primary and 1,200 secondary students.

The new construction will include:

  • Multiple school buildings up to 5 storeys, including classroom home bases, collaborative and specialists learning spaces/hubs and learning support spaces, offices for teachers and administration staff, a sports hall, library, and student canteen.
  • Construction of 2 outdoor sports courts and an all-weather, all-purpose synthetic sports field.
  • Construction of informal play spaces and a Covered Outdoor Learning Space (COLA).
  • Site landscaping including green links, community garden, open space areas and rooftop play spaces.
  • On-site car parking and associated vehicular access point off Belmont Street.
  • Ancillary infrastructure and utilities.

University of Newcastle Bio Resources Building


Client: University of Newcastle
Architect: Denton Corker Marshall
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Callaghan, NSW
Value: $29.5m
Completion date: September 2020

The University of Newcastle Bio Resources Building is located on the university’s Callaghan campus and will consist of a 2-storey, 3,500 square metre holding and procedure facility. Specifically, the project will involve:

  • Fixed and loose laboratory and office equipment to allow the space to respond to the changing needs and future technologies
  • Different zones to cater for low, intermediate and high-barrier procedures
  • The ability to expand and contract zones depending on research needs
  • PC2 holding and procedure facilities
  • Administration space and meeting room
  • Capacity for up to 16 sample freezers
  • Space to accommodate up to 4,400 cages for mice and rats
  • Quarantine facilities
  • Secure loading dock and supply storage

Tamworth Primary School Early Works


Client: Department of Education and Communities
Architect: Billard Leece Partnership Sydney
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Value: $798,086
Completion date: June 2019

The project consists of the refurbishment of the Existing Hall and 3x Practical Activity Areas at Tamworth Public School.

Early Works construction involves the following:

  • Refurbishment of existing hall to provide staff facilities (334m2).
  • Refurbishment of 3 existing teaching spaces to provide Practical & Applied Arts and storage (58m2).
  • Alterations to existing Block A dry fire services.

The purpose of the above work is to provide staff with new facilities in order to accommodate the following main works package which will include a 2 level extension for new learning spaces & a new Hall.

St Ives North Primary School


Client: School Infrastructure NSW
Architect: JDH Architects
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: St Ives, NSW
Value: $18.6m
Completion date: April 2020

Design and Construction of an upgrade to the existing St Ives North primary School that will consist of a new 2 storey & 3 storey school building that will provide 25 new teaching spaces; staff facilities, new amenities block, canteen, courtyard area and street front landscaping works.

The project will also involve:

  • Refurbishment of existing Special Programs space in Block C,
  • Refurbishment of existing administration space in Block D
  • Enabling Works to Blocks B, C and K;
  • Demolition of Blocks A, E, F, G and I

Callaghan College Campus


Client: School Infrastructure NSW
Architect: EJE Architecture
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Jesmond, NSW
Value: $14.1m
Completion date: January 2020

RCC has been engaged to deliver both the early works and main works package for Callaghan College Campus in Jesmond. Early works consisted of the construction of a new road to provide improved access to Callaghan College and Heaton Public School & the removal of existing trees.

Main Works consists of:

  • 9 new permanent teaching spaces
  • New multipurpose hall over 2 levels with art spaces, performance areas and fitness classrooms.
  • All-weather roofing over existing basketball courts
  • Demolition of a Bini Dome and removal of all built works and in-ground services
  • Removal of demountables, demolition of associated structures and services, & construction of an A grade carpark.

Smalls Road Public School


Client: NSW Department of Education
Architect: Conrad Gargett
Delivery Form: Design & Construction
Location: Ryde, NSW
Value: $38m
Completion date: January 2020

Design & Construction of a new 3 storey circular public school at the former Ryde High School site for up to 1000 students and 70 staff.

The new public school will consist of:

  • 43 learning spaces including multi-function rooms & 3 for special education purposes;
  • Two-level library, school hall, out-of-hours care facilities (OOSH), teaching & administrative staff offices, and canteen;
  • Indoor & outdoor recreational facilities & COLA;
  • Extended road widening works on Smalls Rd to accommodate additional kiss & drop facilities (16 spaces) & limited time parking (10 spaces);
  • Refurbishment of existing & construction of new car parking facilities for 47 spaces;
  • Associated landscaping including refurbishment of multipurpose sports courts & fencing.

Rutherford Public School


Client: NSW Department of Education
Architect: NBRS Partners
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Rutherford, NSW
Value: $14.6m
Completion date: October 2019

The Design & Construct contract includes upgrade works to Rutherford Public School consisting of:

  • Relocation of the existing MDR to facilitate access to the new Homebases building site;
  • New substation works;
  • Demolition of Block B which houses the existing community hall and canteen;
  • Construction of the new administration, hall and canteen;
  • Construction of the new home bases building;
  • Transfer of the old administration, canteen and hall to new facilities;
  • Demolish the old Administration Building; and
  • Modification of CR34 / Toilet modifications

Farrer Agricultural Memorial High School


Client: NSW Department of Education
Architect: NBRS Partners
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Tamworth, NSW
Value: $9.7m
Completion date: January 2019

Farrer Agricultural Memorial High School (Farrer AMHS) is an exclusive agricultural boarding school situated on a 500-acre farm on the outskirts of Tamworth. The project included construction of a new specialised Technology and Applied Sciences (TAS) building, which houses metalwork / woodwork facilities and teaching spaces, new adjacent carpark, new access road leading to adjacent farm located on-campus and external lift providing access to 3 levels of an existing building.

Additional works included refurbishment of the existing TAS building. This required partial demolition of existing classrooms (seven in total), staffroom and amenities, and the subsequent construction of a new suspended common room, four six-bed dormitories, four five-bed dormitories and three single duty warden bedrooms.

Refurbishment works also extended to reconfiguring the existing boarding house (Block G) to create five three-bed dormitories, ten two-bed dormitories, two captains’ rooms, and new sick-bay. Further works also included refurbishment of an existing amenities block into a new common space.

Total site area for all the works spread across approximately 11,360m2 over the school campus.

University of Wollongong Western Building

UOW Western Bldg

Client: University of Wollongong
Architect: Hassell
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Value: $62m
Completion date: April 2020

Design & construction of a 10,707m2 University Teaching Space for the University of Wollongong. The project will accommodate the diverse functions of The Arts English & Media (TAEM) school & the Health & Society (HAS) school & School of Geography & Sustainable Communities (SGSC) into a collaborative & engaging hub that will support the ambitions of the next generation of research & learning to create Social Sciences (SOC) & Law, Humanities & Arts (LHA)

The new Arts & Social Sciences building will consist of:

  • 4 storey building across 2 wings;
  • 2 theatre spaces, rehearsal room, music studios & video production rooms;
  • Administration & staff office areas;
  • Collaborative learning spaces & outdoor learning spaces;
  • Ergonomics & WHS labs & digital & simulation labs; and
  • 13 bicycle spaces, 64 bicycle lockers & 4 end-of-trip facilities.

University of Wollongong Molecular & Life Sciences Building


Client: University of Wollongong
Architect: Jacobs Engineering Sydney
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Wollongong, NSW
Value: $56m
Completion date: November 2019

Design and construction of a Molecular and Life Sciences building up to five storeys at the University of Wollongong, Wollongong campus, comprising of:

  • Site excavation and establishment works;
  • Office and administration areas;
  • meeting and conference rooms;
  • Research and chemistry laboratories;
  • Animal house;
  • Astronomy and chemistry roof platform with rooftop mechanical plant.

The MLS project also consists of:

  • Construction of single pedestrian bridge between the MLS building and the adjoining IHMRI (building 32);
  • Reconfiguration of the eastern portion of existing P7 car parking to accommodate 13 accessible car parking spaces; Construction and augmentation of associated infrastructure services including a stormwater management, electricity substation and telecommunications;
  • Landscape and public domain works including leaning spaces, gathering spaces, gardens and the planting of new vegetation including 12 advanced plants and accessible paths; and
  • Installation of building identification signage, on the eastern and western facades of the lit overrun.