Pacific Cape Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) now complete

Infrastructure that enables older Australians to live well.

The $31 million RACF at Pacific Cape Lodge is now complete – delivered in partnership with Reecon. The modern five-storey building contains 88 residential rooms, with parking and services on the lower two levels.

With more than 100 aged care projects delivered across Australia since 1976, we understand the criticality of environmentally sensitive construction. Our team mitigated disruption and construction impacts for surrounding neighbours by drawing on Reecon’s first-hand site knowledge and local resources. Extensive pre-planning, including monitoring and management of noise works for adjacent living units, were also imperative to this project’s success.

We’re proud to help older Australians live well – delivering critical social infrastructure that meets their ever-evolving needs. Thank you to our delivery partners who made this possible.