Fresh Hope Communities’ new Residential Care Service in Maitland Reaches Completion

More than 100 aged care projects delivered across Australia.

Residents are moving into their new premises at Green Hills Residential Care Service by Fresh Hope Communities in Maitland – a contemporary, multi-level residential care facility that incorporates new models of care in non-institutional ‘care household’ environments.

In collaboration with Fresh Hope Communities and Calder Flower Architects, our team of delivery experts led the demolition of a pre-existing care facility and associated infrastructure. Following this, works commenced on the new 158-bed residential residential care service and respite centre, which accommodates 20 day visitors and 8 overnight beds.


With more than 100 aged care projects delivered across Australia since 1976, we understand the criticality of environmentally sensitive construction. Our team mitigated disruption and construction impacts for the surrounding community and Two Mile Creek ecosystem by implementing a bespoke Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Green Hills Residential Care Service has been designed to foster connection with both the local community and native landscapes. Nestled amongst the ten residential wings are sensory sitting spaces, also known as ‘garden rooms,’ that invite generous views and connection to natural surrounds.

Residents, staff and visitors at Green Hills can access the following:

  • Wellness and health centre
  • Commercial café
  • Day centre
  • Recreational spaces including a kiosk shed, arboretum and pergola.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the delivery of this important social infrastructure.