‘We know we can deliver on time, we know we can deliver a good product, we know we can deliver on budget, we know we can deliver safely, but it’s very important to us for our clients to enjoy the journey along the way.”

Family Business, Family Values

Operational throughout NSW and the ACT, RCC is a private, family owned construction company that has been delivering projects as promised; on-time and budget, safely and to the highest quality since 1976. We value our heritage as a family business and we’re proud of our family values.

“It started as a family company and Richard has always involved people in the company as if they were part of his family. Even now at this size it’s still regarded as a family company which is terribly important” – Lynne Crookes.

Collaborative Contracting

‘We do what we say’. Our clients are confident in our genuine commitment to a collaborative partnership and our ability to deliver projects as promised, on time and budget, to the highest quality. This ‘client first’ approach and personalised service is key to our consistent achievement of repeat clientele and our long term relationships with clients, subcontractors and partners. We deliver private and government projects across all building sectors.

“I would recommend RCC every day of the week. They are a great contractor… we have used them for the last 20 projects and I think that’s proof and I have done many recommendations to other clients and government agencies for them to use so they’re fantastic” – Nick Jackman, Rose Property Group.


Accredited since 1999

Delivered via one platform, RCC’s Quality Assurance, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability processes are implemented through an integrated management system. The primary operating document within the system is the Project Management Plan, which brings together legislative requirements, RCC process and project specific information. This integrated approach means staff has a single source of information, updated regularly and tightly controlled.

“As one of the first contractors to be accredited across all areas of HSQE, we are glad this is now standard practice. We value the safety of everyone in our industry, clients and competitors alike.

The RCC leadership team unanimously support investment in systems and training, as this underpins project delivery. This strength in leadership has driven a step change in RCC’s HSQE cultural engagement over the past 5 years.

Looking ahead, we will continue to work with people who value safety, quality and our environment.” – Jamie Crookes, Managing Director.

500 staff

The best people for the job

“You get back as much as you put in to the company. They realise the potential in their people and they help them grow.” – Nyerie Levonian

Our employees are our biggest asset, so we hire talented people and provide opportunities for their growth and development. While we have grown in size and expertise, the foundation of our business remains strong, providing clients with exceptional service and enjoying what we do each day.

“While it’s a larger company, it feels a lot smaller because everybody knows who you are.” – Joe Amodeo.