Tanya McErlean – Construction Manager

Putting high performing teams together is a real science and RCC do it really well. Our company attracts hardworking, positive people and the business is then able to establish collaborative teams with a balance of skills and experience who work really well together.

Nick – Senior Project Engineer

The culture really supports you to make the call and then if there is a learning it’s a mutual learning rather than a talking to. They treat us all like professionals, it’s a really rewarding and empowering way to work.

David – Site Manager

I came here for the opportunity to work on a once-in-a-lifetime project. I won’t ever get to work on a job like this again but what surprised me when I got here was the culture. It’s the most collaborative company I’ve ever worked for.

Neil Coubrough – Site Supervisor

Family values means more to me as I have been working here so long I only knew the Crookes as a family. Don’t know how many people we have now but it’s a lot bigger than when I started but the culture is still there.

Jess Dwyer – Head of Operations WW

For me, RCC is the best of both worlds. I am surrounded by a great team who embody the RCC values, as well as being provided the platform to advance my career and actively contribute to the direction of the business.