Supporting the research community for better global health outcomes

Building state-of-the-art Life Sciences facilities. 

Bringing together the right Life Sciences experts in the right environment can make a huge positive impact on the world. 

At Richard Crookes Constructions, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with some of the brightest minds in Australia in building state-of-the-art Life Sciences facilities where clinicians, researchers, academics and industry leaders come together to solve the most complex health problems of today, tomorrow and the future.

Some of our recent life sciences projects include:  

  • Molecular Horizons, University of Wollongong
    In partnership with Jacobs, Principal Design Consultant, this cutting-edge facility is revolutionising molecular and life sciences research, allowing scientists to explore the microscopic world in unprecedented detail. Learn more here.
  • University of Sydney LEES Building
    Working with lahznimmo architects, we created a dynamic research hub that brings together top minds to address critical issues in environmental and life sciences. Learn more here.
  • UTS Central
    Teaming up with FJMT, this iconic building supports advanced research and showcases sustainable design, setting a new standard for educational facilities. Learn more here.
  • Kinghorn Cancer Centre
    Together with BVN, we developed a premier cancer research and treatment facility, creating an environment designed to encourage close collaboration between researchers and clinicians to accelerate cancer breakthroughs. Learn more here.

These projects are designed and built to support the unique needs of the research community and contribute to better global health outcomes.