Restoring heritage at the City Tattersalls Club Redevelopment

Preserving Sydney’s rich design and architectural history.

Sydney’s built environment represents the very best of our past. It also provides a huge opportunity for local communities through restoration and sustainable development.

A loved landmark in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the City Tattersalls Club’s rich design and 127-year history adds a distinctive identity to the city’s skyline.

In collaboration with Urbis and RJC Group, RCC’s dedicated project team sought pragmatic and creative solutions to balance the use of heritage assets with the need for restoration and preservation. In accordance with the approved Urbis Salvage Plan and Protection Strategy, an array of heritage salvage and protection works were initiated at project commencement.

One such heritage asset is the impressive horse sculpture, known as the rampant horse, which sat atop the former City Tattersalls Club at 202 Pitt Street. Standing an impressive 2500mm tall x 2500mm long x 665mm deep and carved out of sandstone, the original feature has been a strong symbol for the club, given its bookmarking and horse racing roots. Now an important part of their legacy, our team of experts are working to restore the original sculpture and develop a replica.

Removed from the parapet in 2003 due to condition reasons, the rampant horse has since been in storage for 12 years awaiting restoration. Planned repairs include the reconstruction of the missing front leg from the knee joint to the hoof – once complete, a mould will be taken for the replacement statue. While the materiality of the replica has not yet been decided, options include GRC, fibreglass, bronze, brass or copper. Structural investigations of the original sculpture will take place to determine if it can be reinstated as a display within the Club.

Following this, the City Tattersalls Club Redevelopment team will focus on the below highly significant heritage areas;

  • The Low Bar
  • The Corinthian Room
  • The Sydney Room and
  • Billiard / Ballroom

Through the delivery of history-rich social infrastructure such as the City Tattersalls Club, we hope to leverage Sydney’s historic associations while maintaining its unique architectural and design integrity.