St John of God Richmond Hospital Redevelopment



The redevelopment of St John of God Richmond Hospital will transform the hospital into a 21st century campus for the provision of comprehensive, accessible and life-changing mental health care.

The construction of 6 new buildings across four connected pavilions, contains 28 single occupancy rooms plus associated staff clinical areas with generous guest lounge areas and break-out spaces. The residential pavilions are connected to each other by intermediate lounge, kitchen and staff areas.

The proposed wellness centre sits separate from the other new buildings, adjacent to Xavier House in the location of the current tennis courts. The centre has been designed with a similar architectural form as the main buildings, The centre will include a large pool, gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms for yoga, massage and hairdressing.

Key Features

  • 4x connected residential pavilions
  • 112 private rooms (previously 88 beds in shared rooms)
  • Accommodation pavilions that are separate from treatment spaces to support clients to heal and recover
  • Wellness centre containing a gym, an indoor pool and other essential facilities supporting physical and mental health
  • Central garden pavilion
  • Preservation of the historic Belmont House.

Client: St John of God
Architect:Silver Thomas Hanley
Delivery Form: Construct Only
Location: Richmond, NSW
Value: $50m
Completion date: May 2024