Client: Charter Hall
Architect: Blight Rayner
Delivery Form: Design & Construction
Location: Parramatta, NSW
Value: $114m
Completion date: August 2021

6 Hassall Street is a business and education hub which is a collaboration between Charter Hall, Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales. This contract is the design and construction of a 19-storey building comprising:

  • Basement/lower ground level including car parking, a loading dock, back-of-house storage and plant, end-of-trip facilities and tertiary institution floor space;
  • Ground level including retail tenancies, tenant lobby floor space, a commercial office lobby, plant equipment and driveway ramp;
  • Above Ground levels comprising PCA A Grade commercial floor space;
  • Mid-rise and rooftop terraces and plant equipment;
  • Landscaping and public domain works