The Exordium Apartments – Portman Street Affordable Housing

Construction of 104 apartments plus one commercial unit across two buildings (6 and 8 storeys in height).

This project will provide a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms units as well as a single level basement carpark for 40 cars.

Client: City West Housing
Architect: Kann Finch
Delivery Form: Construct Only
Location: Zetland, NSW
Value: $29.3 m
Completion date: March 2016

North Eveleigh Affordable Housing

Construction of a part 6/part 7 storey residential building comprising 88 apartments with basement carparking for 39 cars and 88 bicycles. Apartments will comprise 5 x 3 bed units, 36 x 2 bed units and 47 x 1 bed units

Special features:

  • Project was completed to budget and ahead of time.
  • Following on from the success of North Eveleigh, RCC was awarded The Exordium Apartments by City West Housing.
  • RCC identified $1.15m worth of saving/innovations during the tender phase and implemented $1.1m during construction.

Client: City West Housing
Architect: Architectus
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: North Eveleigh, NSW
Value: $23.9 m
Completion date: February 2015

NSW Housing Stimulus

This project consists of the design and construction of 200 dwellings throughout regional NSW including:

Wagga Wagga – 34 Units

Albury – 50 Units

Lithgow – 40 units

Bathurst – 39 units

Orange – 38 units

Leppington Stage 1 – 15 units

Client: Housing NSW
Architect: Various Architects
Delivery Form: Construct Only
Location: NSW – Albury, Bathurst, Leppington, Lithgow, Orange, Wagga Wagga
Value: $50 m
Completion date: July 2011

Abbotsford Housing Redevelopment

The Redevelopment housing in Abbotsford provides 48 new low-rise one and two bedroom apartments in the inner west for elderly tenants. All completed dwellings accommodate people living with disabilities, seniors and people living with carers, in full compliance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), including adaptable and wheelchair accessible apartments. In addition, the housing units’ design was intended to provide comfortable living, while minimising ongoing maintenance costs, as well as satisfying Housing NSW’s commitment to ecologically sustainable developments (ESD). In this regard, ceiling fans for all units, rainwater tanks to collect water for recycling, solar panels to supply power to all common area demands and winter gardens outside various buildings to assist ventilation have been incorporated into the project.

Client: NSW Housing
Architect: DesignInc
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: Abbotsford, NSW
Value: $10.5 m
Completion date: December 2010

Redfern Housing Redevelopment

Construction of 106 new public housing dwellings. The project has been designed in accordance with the Green Building Council of Australia Residential Pilot Tool with a view to meeting 5 star rating. The Redfern Housing Redevelopment in Sydney was only the second public housing development in Australia to achieve a Green Star rating, and was awarded a 5 Star – Green Star rating under the Multi Unit Residential PILOT in 2009.

Representing ‘Australian Excellence’ in environmentally sustainable design, this project for Housing NSW sets a new standard for social housing developments, and demonstrates that environmentally, economically and socially sustainable outcomes are achievable.

The project involves the demolition of ten existing two and three storey public housing buildings, and the construction of new low-to-medium rise accommodation. The 106 public housing dwellings will be comprised of 66 apartments and 40 townhouses, as well as two community rooms. The design features an external façade which is both contemporary and sympathetic to the existing semi-detached and historic dwellings in the Redfern area. As a result, the development will integrate into and enhance the urban landscape. We provided the first 5 Star Green Star Residential Project for the NSW Government.

Client: NSW Land & Housing Cooperation
Architect: LFA (Pacific) Architects
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: Redfern, NSW
Value: $29.9 m
Completion date: November 2010