Northern Beaches Business Park now complete

A $46 million landmark redevelopment project.

The $46 million Northern Beaches Business Park redevelopment is now complete – an iconic site that marks the fourth project delivered in partnership with EG Funds.

This destination experience will house a range of recreational activities, including a dedicated learn-to-swim school Carlile Swimming, Bounce Trampoline Park and Precision Golf – Australia’s largest indoor golfing facility.

The redevelopment project has been one of the largest in the Northern Beaches in recent years, with the important social infrastructure encompassing 11 warehouse units across two buildings. The 37,000sqm site is a key landmark providing space for a diverse range of local businesses to drive employment opportunities for residents and inject into Northern Beaches economy.

Working closely with dedicated consultants, RCC delivered:

  • Building 1: 5,747m2 of high clearance structural steel portal frame warehouse divided into 2 tenancies, including 400m2 of mezzanine offices.
  • Building 2: 11,361 m2 high clearance structural steel portal frame warehouse units divided into 9 tenancies, including 1,350m2 of mezzanine offices.

The revitalisation project was carefully executed to encapsulate important heritage elements, including the preservation of the heritage-listed 44m Roche headquarters. RCC conserved all mature landscaping and native trees, which have been an iconic feature of the precinct since the 1960s. In addition to this, Building 1 and 2’s structural steel was upgraded to cater for state-of-the-art solar panels on the roof.

Roger Parker, Joint Managing Director of EG, said, “Thank you to our delivery partners who remained committed to sustainably delivering one of the largest redevelopment projects within the Northern Beaches.”