Meet our talented team – Ghazaleh Norgard, Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Celebrating career milestones.  

Congratulations to Ghazaleh Norgard on her recent promotion to Deputy Chief Financial Officer. 

In a testament to perseverance, dedication and problem-solving, Ghazaleh has navigated her way through various roles to craft a remarkable career path that exemplifies excellence in delivery.  

Joining RCC as Financial Controller in 2019, she was tasked with developing the in-house finance function – improving efficiencies and establishing strong governance and processes. Since then, she has established the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and built a high-performing and collaborative team who service the entire organisation. Her expertise will now play a pivotal role in driving our strategic direction. 

My goal as a leader is to deliver on-time, every time while fostering a kind and cohesive team environment. It’s important to know how and when to push each team member to be their best.”  

In 2024, she intends to focus on leading her team in the face of an evolving industry landscape. “We work as a collaborative team – a diverse group working in harmony. I want to keep the team engaged to continue to deliver and service the business, while growing and developing in their own careers. I see that as success – being the leader you want to see.” 

Congratulations Ghazaleh – the respect, kindness and expertise you bring to our team does not go unnoticed. We’re delighted to celebrate this milestone with you.