Delivered by Richard Crookes Constructions, Cranbrook School wins 2023 National Award Educational Architecture

State-of-the-art facilities supporting the health and wellbeing of students.

Cranbrook School’s Bellevue Hill campus redevelopment has been recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious projects of the year – taking home the 2023 National Award for Educational Architecture.

RCC in partnership with Architectus delivered state-of-the-art facilities safely in a   live operational environment – ensuring the continuity of school life with minimal disruption. Skilful stakeholder management in conjunction with rigorous safety standards ensured the project’s success.

The new building is tucked into the hillside and integrates the site across several levels from the oval to the beautifully detailed chapel at the uppermost level.

One of the key design elements that stood out was the substantial incorporation of sustainable materials. The RCC team worked in close collaboration to bring the glulam and CLT to life – a major highlight was their use in the chapel roof structure. This marked a significant milestone for our project. You can learn more about the glulam installation here.

Improving connectivity and supporting the school community through exposure to new pedagogy models in the modern learning spaces.

Jury chair and former Australian Institute of Architects president, Shannon Battisson said, “… the jury were united in our desire to seek out and draw attention to the best examples of design innovation in the country….broader climate, sustainability and culture situation…To send a message to all Australians about where our industry should be going in terms of sustainability, learning and listening to Country.”

Congratulations to our project team, partners and subcontractors for being recognised in their delivery of this critical social infrastructure.