Culture Impact Award Winners 2024 

RCC’s changemakers and trailblazers.  

This year, we introduced our Culture Impact Awards to recognise team members going above and beyond to drive a positive culture at RCC.  Each recipient was chosen for their positivity, passion and integrity.  

Our eight Award winners recently came together to celebrate, with a private climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  

Congratulations to our recipients – you set the bar high, and inspire us each and every day:  

  • Nick Ryan’s positive attitude boosts morale and culture. No matter what, he can be relied on to do what’s best for his team – no task is ever too big! 
  • Having consistently immersed himself in our culture program, Dean Vallon demonstrates exceptional commitment to his job and leadership duties.  
  • An outstanding team player who provides support to his direct team and wider colleagues, Adrian Gray’s impeccable work ethic make him an integral part of our organisation.  
  • Tommy O’Rourke’s positive mindset, eagerness to help and commitment to developing the skills of other Service Engineers sets him apart. 
  • Cultural awareness and Gavin Stringer are synonymous – he genuinely creates positive experiences for project team, subcontractors and clients on every project.
  • After making an immeasurable impact on the Goulburn Police Academy, Jerri Coleman now leads a strong culture at Cowra Hospital Redevelopment – recognising and celebrating the achievement of female peers to foster an inclusive environment.  
  • Continually providing invaluable support to the senior leadership team, Josh Sanderson’s unwavering dedication and enthusiasm boosts morale across teams – earning him respect and trust along the way.  
  • Luisa Brown is the QLD division’s biggest cheerleader – meeting deadlines flawlessly and without complaint. Maintaining exceptional standards , she consistently receives positive submission feedback.