Cranbrook School Topping Out

With the Centenary Building and Chapel structure now complete the Cranbrook School redevelopment team has reached a significant milestone in delivery, having ‘topped out’ the tallest structure. The 2,500m2 rooftop is the foundation of the Centenary Lawn which will be enjoyed by Cranbrook students and staff once complete.

The RCC project team are now focused on fitout works to the Centenary Building, as well as continuing works to the Aquatic & Fitness Centre, learning labs, the Centenary Hall, dining commons, commercial kitchen, theatre, boardroom, and orchestra space.



Using over 2000 rectangular sandstone tiles weighing 53kg each, the facade of the Aquatic & Fitness Centre was designed to replicate the local coastal cliff face, mimicking a cave entrance into a rock pool. Interestingly the rectangular tiles have been used to create a conical shaped facade which curves in two directions. This design and engineering feat has been delivered with a precise stone cutting to create the effective feature.

The main 50m pool within the Aquatic & Fitness Centre requires 2.5 million litres of water to fill.

Next to the pools is a column free space for the basketball courts. This impressive space has been achieved with the use of 42m trusses which weigh 200 tonne and span throughout levels 3, 4 and 5.

Above the Aquatic & Fitness Centre and carpark is the oval which features 14,000m2 of Agridark Couch grass, the same grass used at ANZ Stadium. The oval will be used for cricket with an additional 10 practice wickets, as well as rugby, soccer and a 400m athletics running track.



  • Over 450,000 hours worked on site
  • 14,000m3 of concrete poured – equivalent to 5 Olympic Swimming pools
  • 2,000 sandstone tiles installed, weighing 53kg each
  • 37m clear span beams above the pool
  • 90,000m3 material excavated from site
  • 4,200 bolts used in steel truss supporting the structure of the Centenary Building
  • 252 retractable seats in the theatre