Announcement from the Managing Director and CEO

Richard Crookes Constructions is putting in place a leadership change in order to respond to the projected downturn of the economy in the coming years. George Bardas will be stepping down from the role of CEO in December and Jamie Crookes will take on the dual roles of Managing Director and CEO.

George’s four-year tenure has been extremely successful – increasing revenue and improving the safety culture across the business. He has played a key role in pivoting the company from its former residential base to a much more diversified portfolio of high value projects including Social Infrastructure, Government and Institutional clients. New clients include Infrastructure NSW, AMP, GPT and the University of Wollongong.

As we have done in previous downturns, RCC will use this period to consolidate, adapt and prepare for the next phase of its growth when the market returns post Covid. As a result, this is the right time for George to provide his expertise to a new leadership opportunity in the construction industry.

The RCC Board wish to thank George for his significant contribution and for helping place the business in such a strong position; we are well positioned to adapt to the expected downturn in the construction industry pipeline, through the achievement of our strategic intentions over the past four and a half years.