Sutherland Hospital


Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: BVN
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Sutherland, NSW
Value: $38m
Completion date: December 2018

Redevelopment of part of the existing Sutherland Hospital for the purpose of a new and expanded Emergency Department. Works included:

  • Demolition – internal and external, including of part of the northern façade, feature canopy and wall at the hospital entrance.
  • New treatment spaces and resuscitation bays
  • New acute inpatient beds, including a high dependency/intensive care unit
  • New general medical unit
  • Internal courtyards
  • Additional storage space for theatres to improve efficiencies and increase the capacity of the department
  • Internal refurbishment of areas within the existing hospital building adjacent to the new-build for the purpose of medical imaging and storage.
  • Civil and road works to reconfigure existing roads.
  • On-grade parking adjacent to the new emergency department and landscaping.

MPS Tumbarumba Hospital

Tumbarumba 3d image

Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: Peckvonhartel
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Tumarumba, NSW
Value: $22m
Completion date: January 2020

The MPS Tumbarumba project will include the construction of a new acute inpatient wing, as well as the refurbishment of the existing high care residential aged care building, a new residential aged care wing, expanded Emergency Department, palliative care facilities, staff accommodation and community health spaces.

The new 2 storey building will provide high quality and accessible health care for the local community including an Emergency Treatment room with 24 hour access to First Aid.

Inverell Hospital Redevelopment

Inverell_A1Board_170824_Page_1 - Copy

Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: Conrad Gargett Riddel Ancher Mortlock & Woolley
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: Inverell, NSW
Value: $33.2m
Completion date: October 2019

Redevelopment will include the refurbishment and alteration to the existing Inverell Hospital which will essentially double the current space, improving flexibility for doctors and staff by offering:

  • Emergency department including emergency care for children and mental health-related presentations.
  • Inpatient Unit including: paediatric facilities, maternity & birthing facilities & general adult services including palliative care.
  • Medical imaging space including identified future expansion zone
  • Operating Theatres.
  • Central Sterilising Unit.
  • Day Surgery Unit (increase of 1 space to 6).
  • Renal Dialysis unit
  • Refurbishment of main entry & admissions area
  • Mortuary

MPS Braidwood, Yass & Harden

Render 1

Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke
Delivery Form: D&C
Location: ACT
Value: $51.7m
Completion date: July 2020

Redevelopment of the Braidwood, Harden & Yass MPS combined into 1 package as follows:

  • Braidwood MPS – Partial or full demolition of buildings, construction of 27 RAC beds, 5 new IPU beds, 3 Resus beds, new emergency department, reception, support services, community health, loading dock, staff accommodation, landscaping & civil works.
  • Harden MPS – Partial or full demolition of buildings, construction of new entry/waiting central zone/reception; primary ambulatory care, emergency department, 9 IPU beds, 24 RAC beds with ensuites, support & mortuary services, staff amenities, civil & landscape works.
  • Yass MPS – Refurbishment of existing hospital, construction of new emergency department, community health, offices, IPU, staff amenities & accommodation, landscaping & civil works.

Lawson Clinic


Client: NHL Healthcare
Delivery Form: DD&C
Location: Gordon, NSW
Value: $14.8m
Completion date: June 2018

The Lawson Clinic is a private mental health hospital located on the Pacific Highway consisting of four levels, Basement Level, Ground Level, First Level and Second Level which is designed to accommodate Adult Acute Mental Health. The project is to be compliant with the requirements of the Principal and NSW Health including Australasian Health Facility Guidelines, Adult Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit.

The development consists of 49 rooms with 57 beds, Main Entry & Reception, Administration Areas, Consulting Rooms, Communal Dining Room, Gym, Group lounges and laundries, Kitchen, Group Rooms, Clinical procedure area, 1 level basement car park, Services reticulation, Landscaping, planting and drainage, External works including driveways, parking areas, retaining walls and fencing.

Armidale Hospital Redevelopment


Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: Building Studio
Delivery Form: Design and Construction
Location: Armidale, NSW
Value: $45m
Completion date: October 2018

The redevelopment of Armidale Hospital is across two stages and includes the construction of a new four-storey hospital building that will house the new emergency department and operating theatres, new medical inpatient unit and new central sterilising unit.

The overall redevelopment includes construction of a new building and a refurbishment of existing buildings to deliver:

  • A new Emergency Department
  • New operating theatres and procedure room
  • A refurbished Critical Care Unit in the vacated area of the existing hospital.
  • A new Medical Inpatient Unit
  • A New Sterilising Unit
  • Improved Day Surgery Unit
  • Improved Mortuary facilities

Northside Clinic, St Leonards


Client: Ramsay Health
Architect: Silver Thomas Hanley
Delivery Form: Managing Contractor
Location: St Leonards, NSW
Value: $54.6m
Completion date: February 2018

Design and construction of a new 10 level private mental heath facility. The clinic includes 112 inpatient single private rooms with ensuites, 24 specialist consulting suites, a pathology suite, Electroconvulsive Therapy and Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation procedure rooms, indoor and outdoor dining areas and onsite cafe, large outdoor therapy spaces, wellness areas, art therapy room, private parkland and outdoor terrace as well as massage rooms and a large gymnasium with in-house personal trainers. The building also features 2 levels of parking with 139 spaces.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Carpark


Client: Health Infrastructure NSW
Architect: Nettleton Tribe
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: Hornsby, NSW
Value: $30m
Completion date:  December 2018

The project consisted of decanting and demolition of existing Buildings 10 (Physiotherapy) and Building 1 (Cardiology), service diversions and enabling works for commencement of the new multi-storey car park.

The carpark works involved a new 6 level (13 split level) reinforced concrete multi-storey staff and public carpark to accommodate 512 cars. In conjunction with the carpark works, room conservation and additional amenities were constructed within the existing STAR building.

RCC were also directed to complete the Stage 2 Early Works which consisted of:

  •  Installation of a communication cabling ring main & medical gas ring main.
  •  Refurbishment of Building 54
  •  Demolition of Buildings 15, 21, 34 & 47
  •  Demolition of cottages 95 & 97
  •  Construction of a modular building (57) and refurbishment of Building 1

Gosford Hospital Carpark Health and Wellbeing Precinct


Client: Health Infrastructure
Architect: Fitzpatrick + Partners
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: Gosford, NSW
Value: $33m
Completion date: December 2018

The Gosford Hospital carpark project is located on a 11,748m2 site with a steep 23% gradient and includes the construction of a 6 Storey, 803 space carpark adjacent to Gosford Hospital Carpark. Richard Crookes Constructions  has been awarded stage 1 of the Health and Wellbeing precinct (carpark), with stage 2 to be tendered later in the year.

Stage 2 will include two 6 storey towers, one of which will be leased by Newcastle University and the other for Central Coast Local Health District.

Secure Mental Health

4427 RC_092

Client: ACT Health Directorate
Architect: Perumal Pedavoli
Delivery Form: Design & Construct
Location: Canberra, NSW
Value: $39.6 m
Completion date: November 2016

Design and Construction of a new standalone 25 bed secure mental health facility. Including another 2 rubber-clad secure seclusion rooms;

  • 5,000m2
  • Over 2 levels, plus basement
  • Contains above ceiling walkways to interlink every plant room, allowing remote maintenance of equipment