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  • Richard Crookes - Executive Chairman
    Richard Crookes
    Executive Chairman
    “I think the biggest achievement for me is the transition from myself running the business and transferring it over to Jamie and what he and Hamish have added to the company to take it to where it is today.”
  • Jamie Crookes - Managing Director
    Jamie Crookes
    Managing Director
    “What I really enjoy about this industry is being able to stand back at the end of the day and see what you have done. It’s about delivering a product that our clients can be proud of as much as we are.”
  • George Bardas
    Chief Executive Officer
    “RCC affords me the opportunity to work in an authentic, hands-on environment that allows employees to actively contribute to the company’s strategic goals.”
  • David Sharp - CFO
    David Sharp
    Chief Financial Officer
    “Because of the people and the culture. It’s great to work in a place with little to no egos or politics. Everyone from the MD to the new Cadets are seen to be on the same level and there is genuine two way respect across the entire business.”
  • Grant D'Arcy
    General Manager - Major Projects
    "The family ownership and management of RCC was appealing, given I have spent a significant amount of my career at a family business, these strong values are important as they guide the way we work."
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  • Hamish Crookes - Construction Manager
    Hamish Crookes
    Construction Manager
    “Being part of RCC as an employee and a Crookes is a great experience. I feel that all staff, across every position behave as equals and there is no place for egos. Doing your best and achieving an outcome for the team is what feels important.”
  • Bill Stavrinos - Construction Manager
    Bill Stavrinos
    Construction Manager
    “RCC affords me the opportunity to work on projects which I am passionate about and which make a positive contribution to the construction industry as the head of the RCC Cadet Program and part of our community.”
  • Tony Grippi - Construction Manager
    Tony Grippi
    Construction Manager
    “Without our people we’ve got nothing, without our clients we haven’t got a business so they really go hand in hand. We are a people business but we are delivering bricks and mortar.”
  • Cameron Waller - Construction Manager
    Cameron Waller
    Construction Manager
    “RCC is a company that will support anyone’s chosen career path through project allocation and training and we really value each other as people.”
  • Claude Concha
    General Manager Industrial
    “I really enjoy working for RCC as it has a culture that ensures we deliver on our values and in the process looking to improve ourselves. This culture results in success on numerous levels whether you work directly for RCC or are part of our external relationships.”
  • Martin Patience - General Manager Aged Care
    Martin Patience
    Joint GM Aged Care & Retirement Living
    “I love the energy and the can-do attitude of everyone in the company.”
  • Rod Burger - General Manager Aged Care
    Rod Burger
    Joint GM Aged Care & Retirement Living
    “Respect, honesty and a true team spirit is what I love most about RCC.”
  • Michael Ensor - General Manager ACT
    Michael Ensor
    General Manager ACT
    “I love the family feel of the RCC business and Jamie’s passion for client satisfaction and delivery certainty. Seeing what we’ve achieved and being proud of what we’ve delivered to our clients and our solutions focused positive culture in which we strive to engage and challenge our staff.”
  • Luke Gerathy - General manager Hunter and New England
    Luke Gerathy
    General Manager Hunter & New England
    “The Crookes family have created a client focused environment, built on honesty, transparency, support and delivering on our promises. For me it is an amazing place to work full of like-minded, passionate people!!”
  • Ian West
    General Manager - Commercial & Risk
    “RCC works in a dynamic and cohesive team environment that values the importance of both client and family relationships, all the while ensuring the highest ethical standards are maintained when dealing with stakeholders across all levels of the construction industry.”
  • Marc Avery - Business Development Manager
    Marc Avery
    General Manager, New Business & Strategy
    “Richard Crookes has the unique ability to attract people who you want to work with and who all share a common ability to mobilise to get the job done.”
  • Tony Irving - Estimating Manager
    Tony Irving
    Estimating Manager
    ”I have remained at RCC for over 25 years because I take pride in the quality we deliver and I enjoy the people I work alongside and the way we place our clients first.”
  • Laura Durkan - HR Manager
    Laura Durkan
    General Manager - Corporate Strategy and Culture
    "RCC is a great place to work. Each of us is empowered to make a positive difference in an environment where people love to work. The culture is our absolute point of difference enabling everyone to perform with high levels of autonomy and trust."
  • Garry Mansfield - WHS Manager
    Garry Mansfield
    Head of Safety
    “Working with the high calibre team at RCC in a family grown business is where I perform at my best. Great people, strong values and exceptional opportunity is the point of difference in this company!”
  • Craig Richmond - Systems Manager
    Craig Richmond
    Business Systems Manager
    “RCC provides me with the autonomy to perform my role and the variety and challenge to keep me engaged in my career and mentor project teams to drive success.”