We want employees to enjoy working at RCC and get to the end of each project, step back and be proud of what they have done.” Jamie Crookes




Our employees are our biggest asset; we attract, develop and retain talented people and pride ourselves on providing our employees with a career. We build a talent pipeline and promote our employees based on their performance and their commitment to and alignment with the company’s values.

We expect our staff to engage in the business and be part of its success, growth and evolution. In return we invest in their growth and development. We give people autonomy, support and the resources they need to perform at their best.


We choose our staff carefully and focus on creating an environment that encourages long tenure – we employ for the long term and want employees to join the wider RCC family.

Our aim is for everyone to get the support they need to build a fulfilling long term career, be proud of what they achieve and enjoy the journey.

Employees are given autonomy and trusted to get on with their job, make decisions, and maintain forward momentum. We maintain a flat management structure with an open door policy and an honest and collaborative culture. We want our people to feel that they are part of the RCC family; our positive company culture and solid work ethic is designed to ensure everyone feels looked after and part of the team.


Learning and Development

RCC takes pride and invests in the growth and development of our employees. We offer an array of learning and development for our employees through coaching sessions, formal mentoring programs, external training, role-specific technical training and leadership development programs across all levels, – all of these form part of the overall RCC Learning Network.

Performance Outcomes

Our employees have a high work ethic and produce excellent results in an effective and efficient team environment. Through a large range of project opportunities, we have the ability to keep our employees engaged. Maintaining harmony is important to us. Our business is based on long-term relationships. We pride ourselves on behaving in a professional, respectful and reasonable manner. People are promoted based on their performance, commitment and alignment with the company’s values.

Women in Leadership

We believe in and support females at RCC, one of the program offerings is our Women’s Leadership Lunch and Learns. These exciting forums exist to catalyse and inspire excellence, provide learning from others to help ensure build strong partnership and facilitate our women in attaining leadership positions.

Staying Connected

At RCC we believe in collaboration, knowledge sharing and lessons learnt that is why we hold employee forums to help employees network and share ideas across all our teams.

“I definitely feel welcome and I feel like I have all the necessary training, resources and development to fulfil my role to best practice. It’s inspiring to work with people who are just so good at what they do.”

Lawrence Alde - Cadet

“I am able to foster young cadets and site engineers and mentor them on my team and for me that is incredibly rewarding. To see a young person kick their goals and go on to the next stage in their career is truly satisfying.”

Tanya McErlean - Senior Project Manager


Jess Dwyer – Marketing Manager

“For me, RCC is the best of both worlds. I am surrounded by a great team who embody the RCC values, as well as being provided the platform to advance my career and actively contribute to the direction of the business.”

Neil Coubrough

Neil Coubrough – Site Supervisor

“Family values means more to me as I have been working here so long I only knew the Crookes as a family. Don’t know how many people we have now but it’s a lot bigger than when I started but the culture is still there.”

Bill Stavrinos – Construction Manager

“RCC affords me the opportunity to work on projects which I am passionate about and which make a positive contribution to the construction industry as the head of the RCC Cadet Program and part of our community and sponsorship efforts, partnering with leading Australian organisations.”

Sheron Musengi

Sheron Musengi – Cadet

“I have enjoyed my experience at RCC so far. I have had many great mentors and I have been inspired to decide on my future goal of becoming a project manager and been shown that it can be done. It is particularly nice to work with other women that have become very successful leaders in the construction industry… I am excited to see what the future holds for me.”


Staff Appreciation Program – an annual program of initiatives to give something back to our staff and their families.

Social events – team and company events throughout the year to celebrate success, network and have fun.

Health & Wellbeing Program – initiatives, competitions and programs to incentivise our staff to look after themselves and keep fit and well.

Support – Access to formal training and mentoring as well as an individual development plan, flexibility in terms of salary packaging i.e. novated car lease, and free financial advice.



We actively look for talent and potential in all candidates, people who fit the culture and can make a valuable contribution to our team.

If you don’t see a role that fits your profile, please contact us here.